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Brand: Andowl Model: D810
The Andowl 4KHDR Q-HD322 is a high-quality adapter that allows you to connect your HDTV or monitor with a VGA input to a device with a USB 3.0 output. This adapter supports 4K resolution with high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities, ensuring stunning and lifelike visuals for your content.Key features ..
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Brand: Andowl Model: H044
Andowl Cable 3.5mm male - 3.5mm male Black 1m (Q-T201)..
Ex Tax:1.98€
Brand: Andowl Model: Η046
Andowl Cable 3.5mm male - 3.5mm male Green 1m (Q-T201)..
Ex Tax:2.01€
Brand: Andowl Model: Η047
Andowl Cable 3.5mm male - 3.5mm male Red 1m (Q-T201)..
Ex Tax:2.41€
Brand: Andowl Model: KK002
Car charger from Andowl, which fits directly into the cigarette lighter socket so you can charge your devices on your trip, outing or on the way to work. It has 2 USB ports for charging your tablet or smartphone.Total Charger Current: 2.4ATotal Ports: 2..
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Brand: Andowl Model: D201
The Andowl charger offers a complete charging solution for your mobile phone, in case the old one is broken or you are not satisfied with its speed. The package includes a micro USB cable, suitable for charging older generation mobile phones. Due to its technology, it cannot support fast charging.US..
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Brand: Andowl Model: VT403
Andowl Corded Gondola Phone Q-DH308 Red..
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Brand: Andowl Model: VT800
If you're looking for a high-quality microphone set, look no further than the Andowl Dynamic Microphone XLR MIC8. With its vibration-mounted clip-on design, this set is perfect for anyone looking to capture clear and detailed sound without the hassle of traditional microphones.One of the standout fe..
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Brand: Andowl Model: KK001
Ex Tax:2.41€
Brand: Andowl Model: VT910
Find Your Weight Accurately: The Andowl Portable Electronic Scale - The Practical Solution for Your Every Need!..
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Brand: Andowl Model: KK008
The Andowl WiFi Extender transmits a signal at one frequency, 2.4Ghz, which offers a lower speed than those that transmit at 2 (dual) or 3 (tri band) frequencies. The 2.4Ghz frequency is the most widespread and has a long range. The repeater can provide up to 300Mbps in total to the devices connecte..
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Brand: Andowl Model: D009
The Andowl Q-BQ101 Wireless Earbuds offer 5-6 hours of continuous use, while the charging case provides a full recharge with an impressive 250mAh battery life. Experience your music completely freely!..
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