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F6 3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier, 12'' OEM

F6 3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier, 12'' OEM
F6 3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier, 12'' OEM

The F6 3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier (12'' OEM) is a device that magnifies your mobile phone screen, providing a larger and more immersive viewing experience. Here is some information about the product:

Magnification and size: The F6 3D mobile phone screen magnifier is designed to magnify your mobile phone screen, making it look bigger and easier to view. With a 12-inch OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) screen, it provides a significant increase in screen size compared to your phone's built-in screen.

3D Effect: This screen magnifier uses a 3D optical technology that enhances the depth and immersive experience of your mobile phone content. It creates a more vivid and realistic viewing environment, especially suitable for watching videos, movies or games.

Compatibility: The F6 magnifier is compatible with most smartphones, including Android and iOS devices. It can accommodate various phone sizes and models, allowing you to use it with different devices.

Portability: Despite its larger screen size, the F6 3D Mobile Screen Magnifier is designed to be portable and lightweight. It's foldable, making it easy to carry in your bag or backpack and convenient for travel or on-the-go use.

Easy to use: To use the magnifying glass, simply place your mobile phone in the designated slot on the back of the device. Magnifier uses a reflective screen and optical lenses to magnify and enhance the image displayed on your phone screen.

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