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Model: 7777
Replacement remote control available for the receiver of the OTE TV satellite platform. The remote control is exactly the same as the original remote control that comes with the receiver from the factory, so the user does not have to worry about its operation or its adaptation to the new remote ..
Ex Tax:6.05€
Model: 5012
Programmable 4: 1 Madeforyou Remote ControlRemote control with the possibility of programming, through a computer, to be suitable for all TVs, DVDs, receivers, etc.This way you have all the devices in one remote control! (up to 4 devices)..
Ex Tax:9.60€
Model: KN343
Wireless keyboard / mouse and remote control compatible with Android receivers.Supports systems: Android, Windows, MAC OS, Linux...
Ex Tax:12.10€
Model: KN317
SANYO Remote Control CXVCThis Sanyo remote control is suitable for Sanyo PLC-XF456N and PLC-XF42 projectors.Compatible models:6450856174, 6450856174, CXVC, RT6450856174, PLCXF46N, PLC-XF46N and Christie projectors...
Ex Tax:24.19€
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