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Model: PR005
Specifications:- Compact design with very light weight- Input type: Quick-F Male- Output plug type: F-female- Pass (MHz): 47-694, VHF, FM, UHF up to 48Rejection (MHz): 733-862, UHF 49 to 69Attenuation of db transit frequencies: 1Attenuation of db rejection frequencies:> 25- Dimensions (W - H - N)..
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Model: B405
3 είσοδοι: UHF1 - UHF2 - (FM - VHFI - VHFIII)Ρυθμιζόμενη ενίσχυση: 32db UHF1, 32db UHF2, 26db FM, 26db VHFI, 26db VHF (5-S32)Στάθμη εξόδου: 112dbΣτάθμη θορύβου: < 6dbΕσωτερικό τροφοδοτικόΣύνδεση με F (περιλαμβάνει 3 φις F)..
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Model: PR001
The OPTICUM AX WA-10 throughput amplifier is used wherever the signal from an external antenna (not equipped with an amplifier) ​​reaching the receiver is too weak, which results in the image becoming jammed or disappearing.The reason for such symptoms is usually: too much antenna distance from the ..
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Model: B406
QA-7131AL Central Amplifier JAGER..
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